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3 Best Automatic Cat Litter Box of 2021

As a cat owner, you have a litter box or two around the home for each of your felines. You may also realize that kitty will turn up its nose if those boxes do not meet the cleanliness standards of a fussy feline. If you do not want or have the time to be on litter box duty, you may consider providing an automatic litter box.

Here’s how an automatic cat litter box works. A sensor in the litter box notices when the cat enters. It also notices when the cat leaves. When he does exit, the automatic cat litter box goes to work, scraping his waste into a different compartment, where it sits in a bag and waits for you to collect it whenever you are good and ready. This is much like the coins were scooped into the bank where they sat until you wanted to buy a piece of candy. The beauty of this of course is that there is no need for you to worry about scooping the waste, and because it is scooped immediately, you won’t have to change the litter as often either.

As cat owners, we’re all for anything that will make caring for our pets easier. The automatic cat litter box simply means there is one less responsibility that we need to worry about. And since, like most people now we have really busy schedules, we certainly appreciate something that cuts down on our work time.

There are various automatic litter boxes that your cat will enjoy; one that is not only a clean option but one of privacy. Some of the best automatic litter box options includes the LitterMaid 980 Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Omega Paw, Inc. RA-4 Self-Cleaning Litter Box and the Booda Dome Clean Step Litter box, Nickel. Learn about each and decide for yourself; which litter box would your kitty approve of?

1. Litter Maid 980 Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box:-

Choosing a self-cleaning litter box can give you such peace of mind, making your home looking and smelling fresh, despite how many cats are dwelling there. The Litter Maid 980 Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box is one of the best automatic litter box options and is stylish and functional at the same time, as a timed mechanism works to detect movement, shovel up the waste in a bag and seals it. The coal in the filter is activated to absorb moisture and destroy odors. This litter box can work automatically by movement of the cat or you can work it manually.

This very durable, strong litter box measures about 14″ wide by 17″ long and is designed for the feline over 15 lbs. This makes an excellent unit for the multi-cat home. The high side walls of the litter box has the advantage of preventing the scatter of litter on the floor around the unit. Other great features include a removable automatic rake that does the cleanup, a backup battery, removable litter tray, sealed waste receptacles, a paw cleaning ramp for that fussy kitty in the home and extra carbon filters.


As with any other litter box, the Litter Maid 980 Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box will need periodic thorough cleaning and maintenance but not as often as an ordinary litter box. It also holds 50 percent more litter than other similar units. These amazing features make this a great unit for busy people with long schedules, on vacation, the elderly, pregnant moms and those with minimal physical mobility.

Major cleaning and maintenance includes changing the litter and replacing the carbon filters in order to keep the Litter Maid 980 Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box working more efficiently. The in-between automatic cleanings do present some safety features for your cat. In in the midst of cleaning, your cat steps in the box, a security bar stops the process so your pet does not get injured and the machine does not get damaged.

The Litter Maid 980 Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box has a great five star rating for efficiency, convenience and ease in maintenance, even with multiple cat homes. Follow simple directions for setting it up and your cat(s) will enjoy years of comfort in a clean, private environment.

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2. Omega Paw, Inc. RA-4 Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box :-

Choose the Omega Paw, Inc. RA-4 Self-Cleaning Litter Box for ease in maintenance and the comfort of your cat. This unit is available in two sizes to meet the needs and size of your cat or in use with a multiple cat home. The regular size of the unit is 17″ long by 20″ wide and 16.5″ high, while the large litter box is 23″ long by 19″ wide and 18.5″ high.

The Omega Paw, Inc. RA-4 Self-Cleaning Litter Box works best when using a clumping or silica litter. A type of screen or grill inside the unit scoops out the soiled litter of waste and places it in a pull-out tray. The way it works is to roll the litter box back and forth from top to bottom, returning it to an upright position at which time you can take out the lower tray and dispose of the cat’s waste. This is how this litter box got the name of Roll’n Clean. The screen or grill within the unit separates the soiled litter and waste from the clean for ease in collecting and tossing.


Some of the benefits of the Omega Paw, Inc. RA-4 Self-Cleaning Litter Box is that you save money on extra scoops, filters and liners. Because you only dispose of soiled litter, you save money on continually purchasing litter. The larger of the two sizes is perfect for the larger cat or for homes with multiple cats. This covered litter box is not only easy to clean and effectively use, it is attractive as well in a warm brown/taupe finish.

Not only convenient and attractive, your cat(s) will feel comfortable with the privacy attained by using this unit. Since it is a covered litter box, use and cleaning of the item will preventing that dusty mess that comes with other litter boxes.

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3. Booda Dome Clean Step Litter box :-

The Booda Dome Clean Step Litter box in Nickel’s design makes this unit not only easy to clean, but more sanitary as well since there are no seams for litter, waste and odor to get trapped, making it 99 percent odor-free. The special activated charcoal filter also helps in controlling and preventing the odor. This litter box is an average 50 percent larger than most other litter boxes. It measures 21-1/2″ in diameter by 19-1/2″ high, making this a great product for the larger felines or homes with multiple cats. It also presents a ramp that is 9″ wide and a litter pan that has a 6″ depth.

With its unique doomed design, your cat can scratch and dig to its heart’s content without fear of a dusty mess or litter being scattered and tracked throughout the home. As your pet is leaving the unit, after doing its business in perfect privacy, any excess litter is cleaned on the paw-cleaning ramp. A built-in handle on top also makes it easy for litter disposal and transport of the unit.

The Booda Dome Clean Step Litter box in Nickel unit boasts the ease of a litter-free home and comes in a titanium nickel color to add a little zest and style to your home. No one would ever know it is a litter box! Your cat’s will, however, love their privacy and you will love it’s cleanliness and odor-free aspects. Clean up is easy by removing the top of the unit. How often you have to clean out the litter depends on the type of litter you use; consider Fresh Step crystal litter and you may only have to clean out the unit twice monthly although daily maintenance to scoop out and dispose of waste is advised.

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